A single product that covers virus countermeasures
through bacteria sterilization and air freshening.

A spray that effectively eliminates viruses and bacteria. As it doesn’t give off harmful substances, you can use it with peace of mind.
All you need to do is spray and wipe off surfaces at home, in the car, at the office, or any other areas that are touched frequently.
Use as a preventative measure against infectious diseases that may be lurking in your daily life. Additionally, it can be used to counter bad odors.

Living Room
Around Pets

Uses a US-certified
“Aqueous Chlorine Dioxide” solution.

Uses the same ingredients as formulation registered on the US Environmental Protection Agency’s List N (recommendations list) for COVID-19 measures. Proven to be effective against many different viruses, bacteria, and molds, including 19 types of viruses such as pig coronavirus, feline calicivirus, pig influenza virus, salmonella, tuberculosis, and pyorrhea, 18 types of bacteria, and 10 types of mold.
※Source: BIO-CIDE International Inc. / BIO-CIDE Japan Co., Ltd.
※Not effective against all types of bacteria, viruses, or molds.

Only depurative agent
adopted for in-flight drinking wateron international flights.

A safe and secure product, recognized to meet high standards of safety and effectiveness, that has been approved by US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Regulation 21 CFR173.325 as a food additive. Contains the same raw materials found in formulations that are used to purify water or clean foods like meat and vegetables, so you can use it with confidence.
※Adopted as a depurative agent for drinking water on international flights by Boeing US.

Comprehensive Sterilization Methods

Eliminates even more viruses and bacteria with a powerful chlorine dioxide concentration of 1000ppm.

1Chlorine Dioxide Gas is Generated in Response to Virus

2Oxidative Decomposition of Various Types of Viruses and Bacteria

※Safe to use as, unlike other chlorine-based products, it does not release trihalomethanes that are harmful to humans.

Overview of Bactericidal Effect

Overview of Bactericidal Effect

Aqueous Chlorine Dioxide can be expected
to have both higher safety and effectivity than other types of ingredients.

Disinfecting Agent Aqueous Chlorine Dioxide Hypochlorous Acid Solution Alcohol
Sodium Hypochlorite
Concentration 500ppm~ 100ppm~ - 10~50ppm
Sterilizing Power Several times that of hypochlorous acid
Has disinfecting power,
can sterilize viruses and bacteria
Mostly used for sterilizing bacteria,
not as effective on virus varieties
As it cannot be produced in high concentrations,
effectivity is weak
Safety Used to purify tap water,
approved as a food additive
Aerosol spray is not recommended
Must be careful of chlorine gas generation
Other Virus is killed by oxygen (oxidation),
suitable for aerosol spraying, can be stored for long periods of time
Effect is not long-lasting
(Immediately returns to water)
Can damage skin on the hands
Virus is killed by chlorine

Used to sanitize/disinfect tap water and drinking water in America and Europe.

Odorless, Colorless, Safe.
Useful in a variety of situations.

Can be used in many aspects of the “new normal lifestyle” such as disinfecting doorknobs that are touched by many people or clothing that has been worn outdoors, as well as for aerosol sterilization at home or in the car. As it is effective against odors, it can also be used as an air freshener.



DEOAIRVirus and Bacteria Sanitizing Spray

300ml 1,540 yen (including tax)

[Ingredients] Aqueous Chlorine(effective chlorine dioxide concentration 1000ppm)

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DEOAIRVirus and Bacteria Sanitizing Spray

30ml 550 yen (including tax)

[Ingredients] Aqueous Chlorine(effective chlorine dioxide concentration 1000ppm)

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DEOAIRVirus and Bacteria Sanitizing Spray (refill)

300ml 990 yen (including tax)

[Ingredients] Aqueous Chlorine(effective chlorine dioxide concentration 1000ppm)

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